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Creating Characters That Empower Students, Inspire Neighborhoods, and Enrich Legacies.

Our Vision
Students all over the world are desperately crying out to be heard and to have their stories heard. It’s our vision to help them be heard, seen, and published.
We envision a world where every student, regardless of race, socioeconomic background, and gender, has the opportunity to become a student author. **



The mission of Phabb5 is to reinvigorate, inspire, and unite communities at their core by creating turnkey comprehensive book publishing programs that help students standout during every phase of life.


Creative Team Working



When a student is disconnected from the classroom experience, generally he or she has a story to tell and oftentimes those stories are the key to unlocking the mystery behind poor academic performance. This was the driving force behind author and reality television personality, CJ Miller’s vision for creating the Phabb5 book publishing brand development program.

Phabb5 is the result of two schools of thought, Henry Ford’s assembly line approach. And Ada Lovelace, considered to be the developer of the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine. The insights of these two pioneers have been fused with the Phabb5 process to develop a dynamically creative literary and book publishing environment within the homes, schools, and primary social circles of student authors.


Phabb5 Brand Development Class

During advisory period students are coached and shown how to strategically use their completed books during job interviews, on college applications, and how to inspire members of their families to write more and read more.

Phabb5 Publishing

For up to 5 days a week, students from 5th grade to 12th grade learn how to write, publish, and brand their own books. Each Phabb5 program is customized to help students master the art of the three act story structure as they craft their novel or novella.

Phabb5 Anthologies

During the school year Phabb5 customizes turnkey writing workshops based on the needs of the schools we partner with. During the program a Phabb5 trained professional works with students and their teachers to produce a book of short stories.

Publishing Phabb5 Parents

Everyone has a story to tell. Phabb5 also customizes writing workshops and a book publishing schedule for parents who desire to become authors.

Phabb5 Book Signing Music Events

Before and after completion of their books, Phabb5 student authors are given the opportunity to read part of their books in front of friends, families, and their local community. The aim for this is to uniquely build the confidence of our authors as we enhance their public speaking abilities.

I want to thank you Mr. Miller for helping my daughter reach one of her goals and that was publish a story. This experience has helped her reach another goal and it was to be able to present her published story as part of her portfolio to the California School of the Arts.  She really wanted to attend this High School in the coming year, well she just received her acceptance to this great school!! Thank you SO much for all your instruction and commitment to our daughter and students in KIPP Sol.

Linda Valdovinos

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