Un-Mutable features three refreshing middle school voices from San Diego, CA who attend KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy under the direction of, Principal Rachelle Minix. The authors participated in a rigorous 12-week virtual PHABB 5 writer’s workshop. The students were challenged with creating a short story that captured their inner-thoughts about the 2020 pandemic thus, Un-Mutable was born.

Their stories will teach you how to be heard over the noise.



Determined Survivors features seven fun and exciting middle school writers from the Boys 2 Gentlemen and Girls 2 Young Ladies nonprofit organization. The authors participated in a rigorous 12-week virtual PHABB 5 writer’s workshop in which students were challenged with creating a short story that revealed what it means to be a survivor in the midst of the 2020 pandemic.

Their stories will surprise you, enrich your day, and demonstrate California students are natural-born storytellers.



of PHABB 5 is to reinvigorate, inspire, and unite communities at their core by creating turnkey comprehensive book publishing programs that help student’s standout during every phase of life.


is to reverse the trend of illiteracy, reduce the dropout rate and increase matriculation by creating a world in which students graduate with their diploma in one hand and their published literary work in the other.



In 2011, CJ Miller was invited to a recidivism reduction event hosted by the Ohio Department Correction facility; at the event, Miller addressed 250 low-level offending inmates. At the conclusion of his speech, Miller was overwhelmed by the number of inmates (many in their 20’s and 30’s) who stood in line to ask him if he could help them get their creative writings, songs, and art out to the world.

“Did they have these creative ideas before making the decisions that led to incarceration?” This question led Miller to invest countless hours into understanding the relationship between literacy and incarceration.

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, two-thirds of students that cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare.

While researching illiteracy disparities Miller asked himself, “What would happen if someone were to plant satellite brand development book publishing programs at the classroom, neighborhood, and corporate level?” And, PHABB 5 was born.


What We Do

Plant satellite literacy student author book publishing programs within schools, communities, and partnered organizations. During the course of the program students learn to write and edit their literary work, brand and market, and plan their own community based book signing event.

Student Author

Leveraging our satellite model a PHABB 5 Brand Director customizes a book publishing plan and works onsite at schools to help students take their writing from concept to book signing.

Student Athlete Author

A PHABB 5 Brand Director works with coaches and players to customize a team building book publishing plan.

Resident Student Author

A PHABB 5 Brand Director works with housing development authorities and community leaders to design a book publishing plan for both adults and youth.

Veteran Student Author

A PHABB 5 Brand Director works with organizations that service military veterans to help publish their stories.

I want to thank you Mr. Miller for helping my daughter reach one of her goals and that was publish a story. This experience has helped her reach another goal and it was to be able to present her published story as part of her portfolio to the California School of the Arts. She really wanted to attend this High School in the coming year, well she just received her acceptance to this great school!! Thank you SO much for all your instruction and commitment to our daughter and students in KIPP Sol.

Linda Valdovinos

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